3 Reasons why Photography is one the best hobby

Disclaimer: If you are considering taking 10 selfies a day and putting random filters on it is photography, I'm sorry.

It's already been more than 8 years since I started taking pictures. Even though the devices(mostly phones) I used and type of photos I used to click changed, the fun in it never did. So I decided to Google some articles and write about why photography has been my favourite hobby so far.

1. It motivates to travel

Hogenakkal Falls One will get bored clicking the mundane stuff around after a while. So the more you like photograph, the more you want to travel(unless you are too lazy). There is so much interesting stuff to photograph in other places including landscapes, wildlife and architecture.

2. You can relive the awesome memories

Kudremukh By being able to capture a special moment in time, you carry the memory of that event forward with you, allowing you to share it and remember it with those that were there. Also, most importantly, more weird pictures you have of your friends more the fun.

3. It keeps you creative and healthy

Kodi Kanyana Beach Getting out of the house, walking about, or even hiking is often a side-effect of getting into photography. All that walking, climbing and being in odd postures for taking one perfect picture might actually keep you physically and mentally healthy. It also provides so much creative variety and possibilities for personal growth.

I might have copied (inspiration) from here. Thanks!