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Geek. Ambivert. Wanderlust.


I am a software developer currently working with JavaScript and Serverless at Antstack. I like learning and experimenting with new technologies as they come. I try to build things that will save me from manual work. I am an open-source enthusiast and a dark mode everything person. I occasionally write on my blog about new technologies, coding, how-tos, travel etc.

Tech I love to work with

JavaScript (React, NodeJS), Python, Serverless, AWS.

Besides Tech

I am a cinephile with love towards Sci-Fi, Mystery and Heist movies. I sometimes pointlessly binge-watch magic shows on YouTube. I also love animals (), traveling and photography (Yes, the background image you see above is a self-timed shot of me).

Want to talk? drop me a mail: hi@vishwas.tech



YouTube Infinite Search


YouTube Search App that keeps fetching search results until you get tired scrolling.

Goof Talk


Terminal based chat application built using Go which enables communication between computers within the local network.

Workshop and Conference Management System

(PHP, JQuery)

A web portal connecting all the departments of the college in which staff enter the details of the workshop and conferences that they have conducted or attended for efficient bookkeeping.

Twitter Sentiment Analyzer

(PHP, Google Charts)

A web application that fetches top tweets from twitter based on the search query (hashtag/username) and categorizes them into positive, negative and neutral tweets.

Resume Generator using Markdown

(React, MDX-loader, HTML, CSS)

React App that takes resume written in Markdown and generates the styled print-ready resume page. Includes minimal theming, icons and custom page breaks for printed copy. Can easily be deployed as github page or to Netlify.