The Todo-list Addiction

TL;DR - I use too many note taking apps. Here is the list of those.

Not being able to remember all the things you have to do after a meeting and being very lazy to write notes just like good old times resulted in me trying out a lot of todo-list and note taking apps. Starting from making a shopping list at home to creating Minutes of Meeting at the office, everything ends up in some or other app.

Even though all the tasks can be noted in one app, I still prefer using multiple apps depending on the need I have (Why you ask? I don't know). I have listed below few of the apps/tools I use from morning to night for to-dos and note taking, hope you find it useful.


With capabilities like rich text formatting, document scanner and web clips Evernote has been my favorite note taking app so far. It's drawing feature makes it easy to create wireframes/designs and share them across channels. Even with the limitation of sync between only 2 devices in the free plan, I have dumped everything ranging from movies to be watched to MOMs, designs, web clips(which I never revisited) and scanned documents/business cards in Evernote. It recently released a feature offering pre-defined templates that can take note taking experience to a whole new level (sad that Evernote is not paying me for doing this).

Windows Sticky Notes

I remember when I used to list down some to-dos for later in Evernote and forget to open them. Even with the reminder feature, I failed to do the things I had listed in it. Moreover, my office's internal network has blocked Evernote since we use Microsoft products for all the communications (that's Microsoft trying to impose OneNote! Thanks). That's where Sticky Notes came in to use. You would find at least 3-4 sticky notes open in my Desktop with random links, tasks to be completed and deadlines.

Google Keep

Google Keep Sticky Notes settled the need of immediate notes. But what about the things I have to remember after office? For obvious reasons I won't be able to carry the office Desktop home. When Google Keep started to appear in the right sidebar of Gmail, I found it suitable for listing short to-dos that I get to see every time I open Gmail.


Just use any one of them and don't waste time like me.