Weird, Odd or Unique

"be a unicorn in a field of horses"

Sounds cool, isn't it? But in between thousands of horses, a unicorn is just one dude with a weird looking horn on its forehead. No matter how magical it sounds, if it were to exist with all the normal horses, it would just look like an odd type of horse that every other horse would laugh at. The question is, will it feel proud that it is unique or it just regrets that it is different from other horses? what is the difference between being special and weird anyway? Is special is just weird with makeup?

Every time I get this question in mind, it makes me wonder what makes normal, normal? For most people, the definition of normal or right thing to do depends directly on how many people are currently doing it. "Oh c'mon, If everyone is doing it, it will work out for you as well", we all have heard this many times. But nobody in that spectrum seems to validate what is right and wrong for them. Psychological studies show that, if a person is around people who often tend to choose the wrong things over the right ones, that person is going to start doing the same just to blend in. But all that for just blending in? So if everyone is posting that lame dog filter selfie on social media, Should I do that too? Nope.

People still ask me HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE WATCHING CRICKET? when I tell them I am not that into sports. I don't understand why people find that to be a weird thing. The ultimate dilemma of choosing between one particular thing that is mainstream and one thing you always wanted to do and which you think is right for you remains unsolved. Coming to the difference between special and weird in terms of life choices, in my personal experience, the weird choice that people talk about behind your back is weird only until you become successful with that choice. When that happens, suddenly the choice that people were referring as weird turns out to be everyone's choice.

So, to conclude, if you are on the verge of doing something, but feeling hesitated just because that's not mainstream and asking yourself the question "Should I do that?". Hell yeah, you should. But trust me, it won't be easy.



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