That #Wanderlust feeling

I have been traveling a lot because of work these days. By traveling a lot I mean I am going from Electronic City to Domlur. Sorry for that cliched Bangalore Traffic joke. On a not so serious note, while I was stuck in traffic doing nothing, I saw a bus full of foreigners aged between 50-60(maybe!) taking pictures and videos of traffic. That got me thinking, why exactly people travel/go on trips?

Well, before I try to answer those questions, let me tell you some random things. I recently realized that I was traveling but not traveling whole my life. Confusing isn't it? I say that because even though I didn't go full on wanderlust mode, I have been going to places from a very young age. Thanks to my dad, I got the chance to travel a lot to nearby places and to see unexplored places that were not exactly famous. When I joined engineering I decided to travel to a college which was 65km from my home daily to spice up the engineering adventure.

Traveling is not always mean that you pack your bags, go on a trip and come back. I don't know about you but for me, every time I used to travel from my home to college it was a new adventure. Not only because the college bus drivers were crazy on road, but also because of the experience. Even though it was the same road I used to see daily, each day was different than the previous one. Enough with this boring stuff, coming back to the question, Why go on trips? Is it just because you want to see those places? Is it to have that #muchneededbreak post on Instagram? or is it just to get drunk and come back in hangover? (If you are one of the people who says yes to that last question, you need to rethink about what you are doing with your life)

Bikes at beach
Back when the beach was one of weekend getaways.
I am going to leave a few questions unanswered for you to pause whatever you are doing in your life right now and think about it. After going to several places, dumping around 50-100gb of pictures to my hard disk and creating petabytes of good memories over the years, I don't think it's just about the destination you want to go. Or in few of my cases, there was not exactly a known destination for our travel. Most of the time, the memorable thing that stays with us about a trip would be something that happened during the journey instead of something we actually went to see. I think Odin was spot on when he said: "Son, it's not the place, it's the people".

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